Todd Olson1

Sales Representative

I grew up in Omaha Nebraska and Chattanooga TN. I attended the University of Tennessee and received my Diploma in 1982.  I worked in Radio and Cable Advertising in sales and management for 15 years then decided to venture out on my own. I have owned Southwest Florida Coupon Magazine, Strategic Advertising which spawned Knoxville First Magazine in Knoxville and Travelhost of the Smokies,  We transitioned away from those companies in  2008 when we started to realize that print was on a down hill slide and it was time to move on. We purchased Moonwalks and Such and became an ITEX Franchisee in the mid to early 2000's. We sold Moonwalks in 2014 to focus solely on ITEX.


 I love Advertising and Barter and helping businesses grow. I get excited when we find little jewels for our ITEX members and help them accomplish goals they could not have accomplished if they only had to pay with cash. We love what we do and hope you will come to know us so we can help you achieve your goals too.